Argumentative Essay : Unbalanced Lifestyles

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Unbalanced Lifestyles If teens and young adults do not maintain that key balance between their work and their life, they can become overwhelmed, stressed and forget the meaning of life, or "the bigger picture,” which can eventually lead to the individual being diagnosed with depression. Having no balance between work and life means one is spending too much or too little time on either. All positive aspects of life like love, happiness, peace, and confidence are what create the idea of “the bigger picture.” They are what’s really important and what your life should truly be focused on.It 's most important that one is happy, and humans can forget that sometimes as they get caught up in life 's struggles. Teens and young adults tend to struggle with this more frequently as they have more to juggle like heavy work loads while maintaining social skills and a healthy lifestyle. Depression can be caused by the feeling of incompleteness, emptiness, or feeling like one is not good enough, which can be caused by a variety of factors. Students may become too focused and worried about school that they forget about other factors in their life. Peer pressure or family pressure can make an individual choose to participate in activities or think certain things at an inappropriate time. In addition, time management is a key skill that individuals that suffer from an unbalanced lifestyle tend to lack. Some causes of this can be one’s family 's culture and…

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