Personal Narrative In My Writing

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So i'm going to be meditative in my essay because when i write about my feelings i feel so much better and i don't really have a best friend to really talk to and maybe this isn't like meditative but it helps me concentrate and actually have something interesting to write about. Everything i change will be in blue writing, and so far while rereading my essay I started a lot of sentences with “So”

So to start of I joined a sorority and m not trying to be those typical “it was the best decision of my life” because it's really not. Like I could've been better without doing it but i made that decision to be in it and i don't want to back out of it because that would make me cause a scene. Anyways some things in sororities are really stupid such
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As i'm writing this i'm crying because this is just another thing i shouldn't be stressed/ crying about. Now i'm just thinking about joining this whole sorority thing. Like do i keep doing it and hopefully it'll get better? Or do i quit and drop and just say i can't do this anymore because i don't need this stress anymore. Anyways i've been thinking about the other girls i want to get close with and i texted a couple and i may have potentially found someone that i like. We have a new member educator and her name is Katelyn and couple weeks ago we went shopping together and got coffee and we just clicked right away. We share a lot of similarities through our social life and also the things we do when we go out. As we were talking she said that I remind her of herself when she was my age she’s only two years older than me it’s good to see that my future could potential he be like hers. Even though we don’t have the same major in college we have similar classes that we could go to Starbucks or the library and study together and she can help me out or I could help her out with my best knowledge. A couple hours later I got an email from the sorority saying we had to name three people that we could see as a potential Bigs. And while rereading what I have been writing I think my decision

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