Argumentative Essay: Should Animals Be Tested?

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So many animals around the world die every year. This is happening because of animal testing. Each year more than 100,000,000 animals die in U.S laboratories. Animals should not be tested on. Animal testing is cruel and unkind.The common Lethal Dose 50 ( LD50) involves finding out which dose of a chemical will kill 50% of animals. People use chemicals purposely to see if the animals will die from it, that is just cruel. Some of the animals are pushed to forced feeding, forced breathing, and lack of food and water. This is unkind to the environment. That is the first reason that supports my claim. The AWA ( Animal Welfare Act ) protects certain animals from animal testing . Animals used in animal testing are not protected in the Animal Welfare Act. Why would the AWA only protect certain …show more content…
California Biomedical Research Association states that nearly every medical breakthrough in the last 100 has resulted directly from research using animals. But, again animals are not meant to be tested on. A lot of famous Cosmetic companies test on animals. The famous face cleansing company, Neutrogena tests on animals. So does Dove, Mary Kay, and the dog food company Iams tests on animals. Would you really want your dog eating something that has been tested on animals or your child selling something that makes a profit of off animal testing in school? Some animals die immediately after each trial. In other cases animal may suffer from chemical poisoning or injuries which would force them to live in captivity for the rest of their lives. If you were an animal you wouldn’t want to be tested on or held in captivity.That was my final reason for being against animal testing. There are the facts, animal testing should not be done in United States laboratories. Animal testing is popular in the cosmetic department, cruel, and unkind. No wonder the population of the chimpanzees thas lowered and made the population

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