Why Do Video Games Increase Attention Deficit Hyperactivity?

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video games would increase the mental health of players, learning and exceeding in subjects like English. However, Taoism also states that there has to be a harmony between playing video games and the benefits from playing video games. So, scholastic video games should be played moderately because excessively video game playing can lead to addiction and that comes with it 's vices. Video games can reduce the symptoms of ADHD and treat anxiety. In Nathan Wilkinson 's article “Online Video Game Therapy for Mental Health Concerns: A Review”, Wilkinson mentions that there is evidence which states that video games can reduce attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD, symptoms. As stated in Wilkinson 's article, “The effectiveness …show more content…
The case study explained in Block 's article concluded that those who played on the Xbox 360 Kinect “experienced greater physical intensity when playing active video games compared to their time spent playing outside” (Block 1). However, Hollie Raynor, director of University of Tennessee’s Healthy Eating and Activity Laboratory stated in Block 's article that “video games should replace outdoor play” (Raynor 1). Papastergiou supports Raynor by stating that video games that promote physical activity should not replace regular physical activity, but rather that video games that promote physical activity should be a supplement to the player 's daily physical activity. “As in the case of HE, electronic games are viewed as supplementary to other forms of physical activity used within PE programs, which supports the assertion that electronic games should not be considered a substitute for regular physical activities” (Papastergiou 613). According to Toaism, video game players who balance themselves with physical activity from video games and the amount of time spent on playing video games are rewarded with reduced chances of becoming obese as well as an increase in physical

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