Iron Curtain: Illegal Immigrants In The United States

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America’s Iron Curtain
There are an estimated half a million people who pour into America illegally. However, our country was founded by immigrants and many are now very successful running their own businesses and even have multiple generations of legal children in the United States so it may be considered morally be wrong to punish them. illegal immigrants are "The unauthorized resident immigrant population is defined as all foreign-born non-citizens who are not legal residents. Most unauthorized residents either entered the United States without inspection or were admitted temporarily and stayed past the date they were required to leave."(Michael, Nancy, and Bryan 1) Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton wants to show them the path to citizenship
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Humane treatment is a huge issue for politicians because it is a very emotional issue and this relates to the morals of many supporters. Supporters are usually against violent rounding of a small group of people, or the harsh treatment of criminals as they morally feel that certain factors play a role into the degree of punishment one should receive (Utilitarian Ethics). If one takes a look at our judicial system, the punishment for trespassing is not the same as that of murder, yet our deportation does not consider the actions of the illegal immigrant before deportation. Family detention is the practice of holding immigrant families, including children and babies, in prison-like detention centers with their parents. As this relates to previously mentioned humane treatment, she plans to end these “inhumane” ways of detainment. Finally, she plans to help them integrate into society and provide them citizenship in the United States of America. This provides approximately 11 million people access to universal health care, promote neutralization, and provide justice to them as legal citizens. This is very beneficial for the illegal immigrants as now, they can afford healthcare, education, food, and a provided justice without fear of deportation. …show more content…
If one introduces 11 million people into the labor market that already has a surplus, the effects can be drastic. More people in the labor market and not enough firms hiring can lead to an unemployment increase from 5.1% to a lot more. Instead of having about 7.8 million unemployed workers, you will have about 18.8 million people looking for work. These 11 million people will alo have been criminals in the eyes of the law, yet they will have almost no consequences. Money will be spent to help these immigrants get into the formal economy yet very few will have repercussions of committing a criminal act of national trespassing. This sends a disingenuous message to prospective immigrants in other countries that if they successfully complete this criminal act, they will be rewarded with citizenship. In addition, the government will spend at least $15 million to set up department to deal with these issues. This department will only eat up more money in the future, may increase taxes on the working class, and not generate any substantial revenue or fix any major problem. Our taxpayer money will go towards increasing our unemployment rates, and introducing 11 million illegal immigrants into the United States, is it really worth it? There may be other solutions to these

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