Argumentative Essay On The Iron Curtain

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America’s Iron Curtain
There are an estimated half a million people who pour into America illegally. However, our country was founded by immigrants and many are now very successful running their own businesses and even have multiple generations of legal children in the United States so it may be considered morally be wrong to punish them. illegal immigrants are "The unauthorized resident immigrant population is defined as all foreign-born non-citizens who are not legal residents. Most unauthorized residents either entered the United States without inspection or were admitted temporarily and stayed past the date they were required to leave."(Michael, Nancy, and Bryan 1) Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton wants to show them the path to citizenship
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By detaining deporting illegal immigrants, and moving criminal aliens out of the United States, we would decrease unemployment rates. By providing the jobs that are currently being “taken” by the illegal immigrants rightfully to our citizens, we and decrease the amount of people looking for jobs. By building a stronger border, we can decrease the amount of illegal immigrants which in term help secure jobs for American citizens and increase the security by “catching” of stopping more undocumented aliens then before. If we know who is in our country, we can find a threat faster than if we don’t know who is in our country. These plans also help secure job opportunities for those who legally immigrated into the United States and who passed screening before entering the United States. This is not only a better security plan but it also provides equitable policies that benefit the legal process. Whilst all that may sound beneficial, no plan in perfect, and this plan is similar to using a sieve to store …show more content…
Opportunity cost always exists and my plan also makes some sacrifices to achieve a particular goal. In order to achieve this goal, my plan knowingly increases unemployment rates, charges a monetary fine towards illegal immigrants, and also sets expectations that illegal immigrants will trust the government. The unemployment surge is due to the introduction of new members to the formal economy. However this surge also comes with a introduction of almost 700,000 new jobs and $9.6 billion which are both numbers that current plans do not provide. Charging illegal immigrants can be seen as a compromise between no repercussions for illegal immigrants and deportation of all illegal immigrants as it is a more humane solution, yet not a “get out of jail free” card for illegal immigrant. Now to generate $9.6 billion, every illegal immigrant must step up to accept this offer the government offers. They may be fearful to step up but remember, this is not a solution that forces them to come out of the shadows, rather this is a plan the helps them gain legal access to better paying opportunities available in the formal economy. It is a beneficial plan for them and if they choose not to, they will remain working illegally earning less than they can legally. My plan can be seen as the compromise between the two extremes, so the question remains, is America willing to

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