Deportation Immigrants

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Immigrants in the United States Should Be Granted Amnesty
There are currently 34.24 million immigrants that have been just as much of an asset to have in our country as any other American. It is because of this that deportation is not the best option of handling America 's immigration issue; instead, amnesty should be granted to illegal immigrants currently in the U.S. Obama, who fully supports granting amnesty, devised a plan consisting of doing background checks on immigrants seeking amnesty, putting in place a fine for illegal aliens granted amnesty, and moving authorities in charge of deportation to guard borders after legalization is established (Boyer 3). In the United States, amnesty should become effective because it will be a better
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Deportation, the only other option other than amnesty, is a completely absurd idea because "tracking down, rounding up, and deporting millions isn 't realistic" (Boyer 4). Deportation unnecessarily breaks apart the families of harmless illegal immigrants and gives them no hope for their futures in America. According to President Obama, "We would have to take all our law enforcement that we have available and we would have to use it and put people in buses, and rip families apart, and that’s not who we are, that 's not what America is about"("Immigration Amnesty" 1). Therefore, granting amnesty for these families would not only be a benefit for them but it would also be easier and more effective for our country. Families that have entered the United States illegally work hard to stay here and appreciate everything America has to offer. They should at least be compensated for their hard work and sacrifice to make it in this country by being given citizenship ("Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants" 1). This country was built upon immigrants coming into America, and it is only fair for our government to do our best to give these people a second chance at life that was not offered in their old country. Thus, granting amnesty should be fully supported to help the lives of …show more content…
Granting amnesty is more humane and beneficial than deportation, helps the economy, and reconstructs the immigration system for the better. Because of this, United States citizens should support Obama’s plan for legalizing amnesty as a viable option to “fix our broken immigration system” (“Immigration Amnesty 1-2). This plan Obama proposed is being run through Congress and needs support from his fellow Americans to fight against Republican opposition (Carroll 2-4). Obama and Biden have teamed up and hope to eradicate deportation and instead begin giving reprieve to illegal immigrants who have been approved through a general background check and paid their fine. They also are trying to arrange future strategies to prevent to entering of additional immigrants into the U.S., including stacking authorities on the southern borders and cracking down on business owners hiring illegals. Supporting Obama’s plan of action will guarantee the establishment of this plan to profit U.S. citizens and help renew the lives of 11 million hard working individuals in the next five years (Woellert 3). Assisting Obama’s fight against Republican resistance will be assisting in changing the lives of millions of

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