Argumentative Essay On Seaworld

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Seaworld: An Animals Hell Seaworld is a theme park located in Orlando, Florida. This park was founded in 1959, when there was little knowledge of orcas and their capabilities aside from them being big and scary. Due to not knowing much, the founders did not understand that this kind of captivity would drive orcas to do terrible things, cause major stress to their dolphins, and end up harming animals more than helping. Now, in 2016, scientists have discovered so much more about orcas and animals in general, showing how captivity affects them. Americans should boycott Seaworld because of their mistreatment of animals, their lack of training for the divers, and the dangers these animals are causing. Orcas are highly intelligent mammals, having …show more content…
As said by the Humane Society, “Throughout recorded history, there have been no reliable reports of wild orcas killing a human being89. In contrast, four people have been killed by captive orcas” (Rose). One of the former senior trainers, Ken Peters, who mainly worked with the whale Kasatka, was dragged under water by her for long periods of time by his feet. Peters managed to escape alive with only broken feet. Seaworld then claimed it as a win on their part saying they trained him well and he remained calm thanks to their training (“CNN Films Presents: Blackfish”). There have also been many deaths related to Seaworld’s orcas; Dawn Brancheau was killed by Tilikum, Seaworld’s main breeder whale, in 2010. Before that, Tilikum killed Keltie Byrne at Sealand of the Pacific in Victoria, British Columbia. With Tilikum being the only male whale who’s been used to breed, now so many of the other whales have his genes, “In a reputable breeding program, rule number one is you (sic) certainly would not breed an animal that has shown a history of aggression towards humans... in the entire SeaWorld collection, it's like 54% of the whales in SeaWorld's collection now have Tilikum's genes” (“CNN Films Presents

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