Propaganda In The Movie Blackfish

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Blackfish is an emotion grabbing and heartfelt movie that pulls its viewers in by portraying captive killer whales that are made to look like they are suffering only due to the fact that Blackfish is nothing more than propaganda.
The movie Blackfish shows only scenes that are meant to make a person feel strong emotions against SeaWorld. In the beginning of Blackfish a man by the name of Howard Garrett, an orca researcher, talked about how they captured these orcas. He explains that they would find a group of orcas with the babies and follow them. They would use bombs to scare them to certain areas and when they were able to capture a young one, the other orcas would stay near the boat and never leave. While describing this, the movie then
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Describing the process of capturing them and how the mother and the other orcas stayed near the boat shows that these people working for SeaWorld were inhumane leading the audience to feel the need to be against them. While describing this process, Garrett used words like “bombs and torches” to have a negative connotation. Using the word bomb and orcas in the same sentence may anger a person but they also said that it was thrown near not on or at any orcas. A SeaWorld employee explains how the whales live longer in this environment, “In the wild living to be thirty five mid-thirties. They tend to live a lot longer in this environment because they have all the veterinarian care.” An orca researcher then explains how this is in fact a lie and he then says “...they live equivalent to human life span” (Blackfish). Information that SeaWorld employees were telling visitors of the park was twisted facts. The facts that they were telling them were meant to make SeaWorld look like they were taking great care of these orcas. This tells the …show more content…
“SeaWorld reported that a trainer slipped and fell into the water and drowned.” Then eye witnesses reported that this was not how it happened and they switched their story to “that the killer whale pulled her in the water...” (Blackfish). The lies that SeaWorld used at first to explain what had happened reveals that they put in effort to come up with stories that will fool the public so their name will not lose its reputation. After fixing the original story they chose to bring the blame on her saying her pony tail is what caused the orca to be aggressive. “The film, however, does blame Ms. Brancheau, and it accomplishes this through former trainers with little or no relevant experience” (TRUTH ABOUT BLACKFISH). By switching the story many times after the witnesses came out with the truth shows they will say anything to make SeaWorld a good place. An employee tells the audience that “twenty five percent of whales has a fin that turns over like that as they get older” but in fact” one percent of orcas have dorsal fins” says an orca researcher (Blackfish). As the employee feeds the audience false facts that is used to protect SeaWorld from being known as a bad place, they are made to believe this is true because it comes from an orca expert, as so they think. Manipulating them to believe

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