Argumentative Essay On Night Terrors

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A five year old little boy is crying in his parents arms terrified for a reason unknown to him. The parents look at each other worriedly; this had become an every night thing. Their son had been diagnosed with night terrors and they know no way to help him. Night terrors have haunted children and their parents all around the world, prompting scientists find the causes of this disorder, improve treatment so parents and children can sleep peacefully at night, and help prevent them from happening. Sadly it seems that night terrors are frequently confused with nightmares. There are many differences from night terrors and night mares and one of those main differences is that the child has, “no evident memory of the night terror while nightmares are vivid and fresh in the child’s mind when they wake up. Another difference between nightmares and night terrors is the hours in which they occur; night terrors happen usually one to two hours after the child is asleep while nightmares happen early in the mornings”(Night 1). It seems that the definition of a night terror is, “Night terrors (sleep terrors) are a sleep disorder in which a person wakes from sleeping a terrified state” …show more content…
Parents with children with night terrors obviously wish to comfort their children, or help them but it seems reassurance seems to be the best way to do that. Besides nightmares and night terrors sleepwalking seem to be in close relation, “night terrors and sleepwalking share many similar clinical characteristics” (Murray 1). If parents want to help their children who are diagnosed with this disorder they can do the following: “make sure the child is in a safe home environment because they may sometimes run around. Doors and windows should be locked and sleeping on the ground floor is encouraged” (Nightmares

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