Night Symbolism In One Night's Dying

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The night can be a place of calm; where one can escape and be free. A place where one can go get away from the worries of the day; a time one can use to recharge for what lies ahead. However, to an insomniac the night is a different world. A world of work and restlessness and darkness. It is up to the insomniac to choose to deal with this condition. While Loren Eiseley chooses to be productive reading books; other choose to suffer by laying in bed pondering when their eyes will finally shut. The insomniac the gate keeper of the dream realm; guarding our nights while we sleep soundly or as Eiseley states in “One Night’s Dying”. “Oh, sleeping, soundlessly sleeping ones, do you ever think who knits your universe together safely from one days Memory …show more content…
He has trust issues with the night which is what keeps him up at, after all the night was when his father died so to him it only represents death. This is proven when Eiseley states that “Strangely, I who frequently grow round-eyed and alert as an owl at the stroke of midnight, find it pleasant to nap in daylight amongst friends”. He feels “safe” and “comfortable” in the day; “scared’’ and “lonely” at night. To him his wife and friends and all the people awake in the day keep the “daytime universe” safe and under control while he who stays up all night keeps the “nighttime universe’’ safe. He also mentions that to him the “black bed room door is the gateway to the tomb”. In other word’s if he does not keep the “night universe safe” it turns to death; since not many people are awake to witness the dangers of the night and to witness all the death that happens at the time of darkness. While he goes on his walks he witnesses death happening all around him and no one around to care. He describes the loud crashing waves that hit the rocks with the bones of seamen and sea lions that calm once the day comes to light. He sees the cruelty in nature as he walks through the beach alone; noticing the sea gull who he says will starve to death or be eaten by dogs as Eiseley states. He sees a wounded duck who goes with the waves and slowly disappears after a wave puts it under. He wonders if the man who shot the duck will die was well. He walks around the empty city and sees homeless and thinks about how eventually they will die in the cold without no one noticing. All Eiseley sees is death and cruelty all

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