Argumentative Essay On Medical Marijuana

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Legalizing Marijuana
A major issue in the United States right now is legalizing marijuana. When it comes to legalizing marijuana there is one major ways that it can be legalized in a state. One way that marijuana can be legalized is for medical purposes. With medical marijuana this allows patients who can not eat or are going through a lot of pain the THC in the marijuana will make the patients hungry and will take the pain away or at least ease it so that it is bearable to take. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the chemical in marijuana that gives the body the feeling after smoking marijuana. THC effects five different parts of the brain. The five departments that THC effects is thinking, memory, pleasure, coordination, and time perception.
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In the article nine states and two cities, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, The District of Columbia, California, Nevada, Colorado, Washington D.C., San Francisco express how the medical marijuana law could help and benefit both the people and the community around them. One of the main things that they all could agree on is that by passing the law it could help or hurt the criminal aspect of the community. One way that it could help is by legalizing marijuana it could drop a lot of cases that only have to do with people who are getting pulled over for doing nothing wrong but there is a suspension that they might have marijuana in the car. These little crimes do not mean a lot but can certainly add up and hurt a …show more content…
In this debate they are looking at similar and different things that you would see in other articles. Some of the similar things that you would see is, is it safe to use on humans meaning does it have enough power when it comes to its healing properties. Is the marijuana strong enough to take the pain away from people because if there is not a purpose in legalizing the drug for that use then the debate is thought of as wrong and the people wont worry about it. The different thing that they talked about in this article that I w thought was very true when it comes to medical marijuana and letting it out on the street is, how do you get medical marijuana to stay with just the patient? Meaning if you give a patient the opportunity to use medical marijuana for a medical purpose and they have family members who have used marijuana in the past illegally what is stopping them from using some of the patients or worst case if the patient gets a medical marijuana card and they realized that they do not need it anymore they could buy marijuana for other people and be using the card for the wrong

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