Argumentative Essay On Medical Use Of Marijuana

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While medical use of marijuana is approved by over 23 states, there is just not enough research on its benefits. Karen Cicero, writer for Prevention says “Most of the research involves Marijuana or its individual psychoactive compounds administered in carefully measured doses.” Because so little research on Marijuana has been done “the FDA hasn’t removed it from its ‘schedule-one’ drug designation,” Cicero states, meaning that there is currently no medical use for it that is acceptable.
NIDA states that “scientific study of chemicals in marijuana, called cannabinoids, has led to two FDA-approved medications that contain cannabinoid chemicals in pill form.” These pills are currently only in use for the treatment of nausea, but they also have
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In fact marijuana is said to have a negative effect on Alzheimer’s anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder when used for an extended period of time. As for the glaucoma it is said that one would have to constantly be smoking marijuana to fully treat it and that there are better medications for glaucoma on the market already. So while it does help a number of medical problems it is not a cure all drug like most people believe it to …show more content…
Say someone who is complaining about being in pain, depending on what type of pain, should not be written a prescription just for that, sometimes small pain. This being the main reason medical Marijuana is abused by so many. Ken Gershman says that “more than ninety percent of medicinal Marijuana users request it for pain control, but many don’t have the neuropathic pain that it actually works for.” Cicero states from an Oxford study that the pill form of THC made pain in cancer patients tolerable, but the intensity was still the same. Another study showed that the drug Sativex was no better at controlling pain from cancer than a Placebo did.
With the potential to slow or even halt the spread of cancer, medicinal Marijuana could save many lives. If enough research was done, there might be even more cancers that could be found to be treated by marijuana. Cicero states that “one study from the University of London found this one-two punch helps shrink gliomas, an aggressive type of brain tumor.” The NIDA confirms this by saying “recent animal studies have shown that marijuana extracts may help kill certain cancer cells and reduce the size of

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