Hidden Sugar Research Paper

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Hidden Sugars Are Where You Don't Think They'd Be

There’s so much about added sugar that warrants your attention. Aside from how they make certain dishes sweetly irresistible, much has also been discussed about how they can get addictive and potentially lead to serious health problems (will insert link to dangers of sugar here).

Dealing with these added sugars from obvious sources like candies, junk food, pastries, and the like is relatively easy - reduce your intake or just completely write them off your grocery shopping and cooking list.

But how about those that are wrapped in ‘fancy’ words and names that make you think they’re actually good for you? Yes, they exist.

Here’s a quick list of what those are that keep those added sugars in hiding:

1. Diet soda

You need your soda fix, but you want to keep your sugars in check - you grab a can of diet soda. Ok, and maybe another one for the road. And another one for your afternoon break. You think: this is all good because diet = less to no sugar right? It may have less calories than your regular soda, sure, but what it does contain are artificial sweeteners.

Artificial sweeteners actually pose a greater threat to your sugar consumption as it gives you the tendency to consume more with the thinking that it does not add to your calorie count. The aspartame in
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But, the wide variety available to you in stores are not all devoid from added sugars. Fruit yogurt in particular is one that’s most likely to have those extra, unnecessary servings of sugar that you may want to steer clear of. If you want to enjoy the calcium and protein benefit of yogurt without having to succumb to the ‘sugar trap’, opt for plain versions. This way, you get to enjoy the good stuff in yogurt without the unwanted sugars. Adding a few slices of fruits is an option you can enjoy too, minus all the chemical additions, leaving you with all-natural

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