The Importance Of Grit In College

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Grit is an important life skill that can help people be successful in life. It will especially help them during hard situations and problems in college. College students need toughness both during and after college. Some people are born with it, but most need to be taught how to achieve success when facing the obstacles of academic rigor. However, offering students a class on grit in college would be a waste of the students’ and professors’ time. Grit should not be taught in college because teaching it is difficult, it is affected by the student’s living environment and childhood, and it is easier to learn when a person is a young child. It all revolves around the parents helping their child learn grit when they are young.
No one knows exactly how to teach grit. Duckworth, a psychologist who coined the term, tried to give kids long-term goals, but her plan failed (Tough 64). The schools
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Their childhood will affect the rest of their life and how they do in life. Parents will affect the total amount of grit a student has in the beginning. Some traumatic disorders and mental problems come from the student’s childhood or their relationships with their parents. Abused children will have more problems at school than the children who are cared for by their parents. However, sometimes parents can help their children too much. “Many well-intentional educators (and parents) attempt to minimize student frustration and failure by limiting challenge or by over supporting” (Conley 74). If the teachers do not give students challenges at school, then the students will not learn any grit. Everyone faces challenges when they are at school, but it depends on how much other people will help them through the challenges. Students can learn a great deal from frustration when they face it mostly on their own. This does not mean the parents should not be there at all to help their

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