School To Prison Pipeline Essay

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Schooling and homelife determining Success
An eight-year-old third grade boy comes to school every day and the only meals he receives are the free breakfast and free lunch that he gets at his Title One school in a low income community. Nobody in his household graduated from college. Nobody in his family graduated for high school actually, yet he is expected to be on grade level. In third grade, End of Grade test scores determine prison construction the U.S. This evaluation of scores is called the school to prison pipeline. This “pipeline” is a theory that refers to the policies and practices that push the nation 's schoolchildren, especially most at-risk children, and minority students, out of classrooms
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There are many situations that show that children can overcome the negative circumstances in which they are raised in and around. Dr. Benjamin Carson for example, an Black man born in Detroit, Michigan. Carson’s mother herself was very under-educated, her reading level was that of a third grader. Regardless of his mother’s struggle she pushed him and his brother to always do their best in school and that education was the most important He struggled at first due to not having glasses and being able to see well but overcame his struggle and began to receive academic honors . Carson did not come from a household with tons of money, it was his best interest that in order to get into college he earned scholarships. He later went to medical school. At age 33 Carson became the director of pediatric neurosurgery or the brain surgeon of children, and earned his fame for the incredible separation of conjoined twins (biography). Although this is a lovely success story, Dr.Carson is one of few to ever receive such amazing chances. Many children give up and begin to get discouraged. With such high teacher turnover rates there are not many dedicated educators telling America’s low income students that money does not make who they are. Zero Tolerance makes or breaks a child, students in low income households tend to act out more in school resulting in suspension but why suspend them if their situation at home is out of their hands and solely in someone beside their own hands? Restorative Justice is to try and help get the situation rectified. Why not try it?

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