The Negative Effects Of Trophy Hunting

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BAM! Adrenaline rushes throughout your whole body as you get the perfect lung shot into your ten-point buck. A sense of accomplishment floods every thought of your brain, after weeks of watching this deer you have finally shot him dead. The perfect wall hanger. Trophy hunting deer when done legally is morally right.
Trophy hunting helps regulate the deer population. In Montgomery County deer are about 50% over populated. Which may not seem to be a big deal, but when overpopulation occurs problems happen throughout the ecosystem. Overpopulation can lead to wide spread disease of deer. This causes the meat to be inedible for people and animals which is potentially devastating to the environment. Even though trophy hunters do not always use the
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Taxidermy shops processes the deer which makes them into mounts, meat, and buckskin rugs. Taxidermy is typically a small business which helps the economy more that buying a deer mount from a commercial store. It is garunted that trophy hunters use a taxidermist because the trophy of their hunt is the mount of the buck or doe that they have shot. This supplies jobs that would otherwise not be needed if trophy hunting was not allowed. Another way trophy hunting positively effects the economy is lead hunts. A lead hunt is when a single hunter or a group of hunters go on a hunt that is lead by the owner of a deer lease. Lead hunts are normally a competition between the group of hunters to see who can shoot the best deer and they are also expensive. Owning a deer lease is a full time job, so when people go on lead hunts they are helping the owner of the deer …show more content…
Although there is a slim amount of hunters who do not use the meat from the deer they shot, most hunters get the meat processed. The meat from one deer is enough to fill a freezer and for some people if they do not hunt they have nothing to eat. Being at the top of the food chain, humans have every right to shoot and eat a deer. Eating game meat saves families hundreds of dollars in groceries annually. Another bonus to eating deer meat is that it does not have antibiotics, the meat is more lean since the deer have room to run, and they are on a natural diet which provides a healthier option to people than meat from a grocery store that had been treated badly or shot with antibiotics during its life. Ethlically speaking, if one is going to eat meat it makes more sense to eat a deer that has never been in a harsh animal facility as a lot of animals at the grocery store have

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