Argumentative Essay On Creationism Vs Evolution

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How would it change your life if you knew your own origin and how you came to be? The reason this question is asked is because nobody knows exactly where any of us came from, which makes it the most important topic for some people to discuss and discover. We all want to know, which is why there have been theories made and people believe in each. Creationism vs. evolution is one of the most controversial topics in the world as of right now and probably one of the most important to figure out where this earth came from. There are supporters and explanations for each.
Creationism and evolution have many different meanings to different people, but they can also be similar. Creationism is explained dissimilar by everyone, but there is one general idea of what it is which is based on a book. “A Creationist is someone who believes in a god who is absolute creator of heaven and earth… ” (Ruse). A god is someone with superhuman capabilities. In creationism there is one god who is the one powerful and perfect god who created everything including humans with no expectation of anything in return. Creationism supporters and believers have an idea that there is only one god and no one human could be as incredible as him unlike the Greeks who believed there were many gods and that a human could be a god. The bible is a book that was wrote by many, but influenced by god. Its intentions are to explain
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Both are alike and vary in many ways and the harsh truth is that none of it can be completely proven, we just either believe one or the other or neither. Over the years, the believers created many problems and controversies that affected the whole world, yet people still believe in one because people are always searching for a why and a how and that will never stop until we have factual evidence to completely and fully prove one of the theories. Which in this case, may be

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