Creationism Argumentative Essay

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I don’t remember ever asking where it all came from. I grew up in what was, for the most part, a highly educated and progressive environment with little exposure to much else – I remember many happy hours spent with those glossy DK children’s books and I’m sure I came across early humans at some point – but I don’t know that I was aware of anything but evolution until middle school. I had been introduced to the creation story from the bible in school, but with it came various Native American creation stories and so Adam and Eve were shelved in my own mind with Cinderella, Zeus, and King Arthur.
It wasn’t until the eighth grade, probably, that I gave creationism as a theory any kind of genuine thought. I happened to overhear that another student had taken on the evolution vs. creation debate for an English paper. “To each their own,” I thought, “but surely that hasn’t been a concern for ages?”
Later I read Inherit the Wind which I suppose must have been meant to be quite eye-opening for us, but I interpreted it
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On the whole I think I was most surprised with its existence at all – I’ve never actually met a creationist, and so it’s rather challenging to grasp their prevalence and what that means in the bigger picture –statistics will properly represent frustration! I would have been curious as to why creationists (in the public education setting) feel that religious teachings should be included in the curriculum at all, or at the very least why it should be included outside of literature and social sciences. I’m admittedly very uncomfortable with with the idea of there being an ultimate “right” or “wrong,” and it baffles me that anyone would be willing to champion their own beliefs in common ground, particularly when said beliefs have been gone through such... tremendous renovations, if you

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