Creation Story Vs Genesis

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There are theories about Genesis being written by two different authors. The two Genesis creation stories help to support this theory. There are many aspects of the stories that show there are two different authors for the two stories. This paper will discuss these aspects of the stories and show the differences that help to support this theory. Both stories show the way God created the world, but each story have hints of different themes and authors. The first creation story is separated by days and each day God created a characteristic of the earth. The first paragraph ends in "And there was evening and there was morning, the first day. (Gen 1:5 NRSV)" This phrase is repeated after each of the paragraphs to show the day is over. The paragraph …show more content…
Chapter two is said to be written by a Yahwistic sources (Dr. Bucher). The evidence is the way God is referred to. "In the day that the LORD God made the earth and the heavens, (Genesis 2:4b NRSV)" God is not only God, but He is LORD God. This comes from the word Yahweh, which the Israelites believed the name of God was. They used the word LORD out of respect for God. They did not want to say His name out loud because it was so sacred, in place of Yahweh they used the word LORD to show their respect for Him. It was also thought this story was written around 6th century BCE, when there was no Israel yet. "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, (Genesis 1:1 NRCV)" The first story only uses the word God. It is believed this story is written by priestly sources because they acknowledge the fact that Israel does not exist yet. Since Yahweh is used by the Israelites and Israel was not around at the time, the priestly sources did not find it sensible to use the LORD God as the name of God. Since the stories have a different name for God, it shows different perspectives on how people should see God. This shows there are two different ideas of how to show respect to God. There are many ideas supporting the theory of two authors. The first story is organized and split into multiple days whereas the second is more fluid and has no timeline in the creation. Both creation stories have their own message they are

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