Rhetorical Analysis On A Broken Home

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Broken Homes
Having divorced parents is highly common throughout children across the world. With all of the stress and problems life has to offer, it’s easy for parents to have differing opinions on certain situations. There are parents that are able to work out these differences, however, the ones that continue to have trouble aren’t afraid to express how they feel. Sadly, this means they will say whatever is on their mind right in front of their kid. This illustration of parents arguing in front of a young child uses pathos and ethos to show the effects that parental arguing has on children.
This image is set in a household kitchen, where two parents have complete frustration in their face with their arms flailing in anger at one another.
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Their body language and demeanor portray their irritation towards one another. Obviously, every couple is bound to have their differences and argue at some point in time in their relationship, but there can be ways to handle the situation in the best way possible, especially if there is a child involved. Relating to the visual, the parents should not have the bills on the counter and they should take their altercation somewhere more private that way they are not revealing to their child unnecessary behavior. Changing the little things like this could have a profound impact on this child as he grows up. This aspect could also tie into the ethos of the picture, simply in terms of character. The parents should exemplify the right type of character to their kid and this picture doesn’t quite reveal that character. Having good character is incredibly crucial for parents with children because how someone acts around their child is more than likely how their child will react around other people. This further proves what parental arguing does to child development and this picture can be a lesson to parents. Now just because these parents are having a fight in front of their kid does not make them horrible parents. However, this image does in fact demonstrate how fighting can perhaps jeopardize a child’s growth or even their relationship with their parents or other people. This is definitely something to think

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