Cold Brew Coffee Essay

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Wouldn’t it be great if we could make the best cold brew in town without leaving the house? Want to know more about what it takes to create your own batch, perfected to your personal liking? Think it’s impossible? Well, think again. It’s easier than we can imagine. In fact, part of the joy of brewing is learning the best coffee for cold brew. It's fun to discover and create favorite recipes. All it takes is a bit of patience and a lot of enthusiasm. Are you ready to learn everything you ever wanted to know about making cold brew coffee? Let’s go!

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The general consensus is that the best beans for cold brew are 100 percent Arabica, hands down (
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Keep in mind that cold brew is known to bring out the bold flavors like chocolate. It does not embrace the more subtle ones. It also depends much on mouthfeel, which is defined as a taste and a drying feeling on both the tongue and mouth that can be light or heavy, watery or creamy, brisk or oily.

For connoisseurs who don’t like an acidic taste, but do like the fruit flavor of the bean, medium roasted beans seem to be the preferred choice. The nice thing about medium roasted beans are that they blend the bean’s true flavors with roasted elements. Many cold brew drinkers like this combination.

Finally, dark beans have a more roasted flavor and are known to produce a similar taste whether the coffee is hot or cold. Dark roasted beans create a sweeter flavor and rich texture. Dark rules when cold brewing coffee because the beans favor flavors like chocolate and nut. The bold flavors that a cold brew makes dominate over the subtle tastes.

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