Argumentative Essay: Is Football Aggressive By Nature

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Football is a sport that inspires people. Not only players but everyone involved is passionated about it. People find in football a motive to be happy. It has become a show that affects not only the pitch but society. It raises so many emotions that awakes both the best and the worst side of fans. But, is football aggressive by nature? Or the fans are the ones who cannot control themselves as individuals.
On the one hand, as it has been already said, football requires lot of passion and energy. Players live for this sport, which is very demanding and sacrificing, and show their love towards it in every match. Although it sometimes gets intense when players hit, kick, or push one another, players know it just a game and that there is not a real intention to hurt. The fact that players are constantly running, kicking a ball and trying to keep it or obtain it, incidentally provokes different kinds of friction among players. It is what the game requires. Not only are players playing but working too. That is why is normal when they lose their heads and sometimes argue with their opponents or referees. Players and coaches want to win because it is for what they are paid.
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When this does not happen, fury arises. Not only hooligans but several fans became irrational and extremely aggressive. They cannot bear the idea of losing and unfortunately that leads to terrible situations in which several people end severely injured. Despite the fact that sports should encourage union and positive energies toward the team, spectators take all the beauty of the sport and turn it into violence and negative competition. There is no point in getting aggressive taking into consideration that the consequences will fall on the

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