Argument In Favor Of Animal Testing

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Animal Testing
Ranim Habbal

“I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That’s is the way of a whole human being.” Abraham Lincoln. Animal testing is a very controversial issue. Fellenz (2005) said that using animals is not a new activity that humans invented lately, but it is an old method ancient people used to do to learn about nature. Further, people used to kill animals for food; therefore, they learned anatomy and physiology. During the Roman era, people begun to dissect animals. Then, in the modern era, scientists relied on animals to invent and make drugs and vaccines. Nevertheless, these days we also use animals for verity of things, such as, medicines, artificial body parts, vaccines, and “surgical techniques.” Many countries use animals to examine the safety of drugs, for example, in the U.S. all new drugs have to be tested on animals because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires so. Since drugs are tested on animals, scientists and pharmacists can insure that these drugs are safe for testing on humans, and then giving it to patients (Fellenze, 2005). However, people are split into two parties for this particular issue, and one party supports using animals, but the other party against using animals in any way, yet using animals is important for humans, but there should be restricted regulations to use them.
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That's how you'd want it, because new drugs are dangerous, and while we don't want animals to suffer it's preferable to accidentally killing humans with untested chemicals. has a list of all the diseases for which we now have treatments thanks, in part, to animal testing: from Aids to whooping cough, the safety of new treatments was first assessed through testing them on animals (Chivers,

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