Naturalism Argument Analysis

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I will discuss argument for the naturalistic definition of disease and health. “Health regards the body being free from diseases and disease cases the body not to function well”. Also for normativist definition that disease is a chracteristic which is considered by society and the patient as harmful or a hinderence to their life and health their satisfaction over their body dependant on jubjected view. I will mention the limitation of both and propose that instead of a pure naturalistic definition, a hybrid definiton is possible. Hybridist like Bircher define health as a state which is satisfactory for the patient and the body is functioning optimally . While forming the argument I will also explain the importance what constitutes disease …show more content…
Naturalistic definition doesn’t include the different value of health and the unique needs of individuals. While also the normativist definiton is more vague leading variation of definitons acoording to different nomativist, such as the anthro… and phenomenological definition. Also it can lead to overmedicalisation because level of beauty and intelligence can cause patient dissatifcation with thier body. There is little restiction on these what constitutes as disease and health. The hybrid definiton agrees that person is healthy if they are satified with their body and if all the functions a working efficiently compared to a typical healthy person. Hybrid definition is more comphrenehsive and complete becuases it encompases how in clinical stiutations disease and health is judged by individual cases but the subjective perspective is limited by the value neutral assessment of health of patients providing quantitative data on the status of health. Birchers hybrid definition specificaly states the importance of personal responsibility of patient as component of health. This defines the role of doctors to also teach the public in preventing disease or how to manage it, as well as treating patient. The definintion of health should be open allow interpretations while using criteria provided by the naturaslistic definition to restrict the interpretations to a certain limit. overall it shows that it is impossible to give a naturalistic definition because how it is incomplete and requires aspects of normativist

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