Argument Essay: The Value Of Lying

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Picture this! You enter a drawing contest and ask your friend for their opinion on your drawing. Your friend tells you that you are totally going to win because you have amazing drawing skills. You don’t know, but she’s lying to you. You feel so sure that you’re going to win a place in the contest and in the end you don’t. You would feel all gloomy and sad afterwards because you didn’t win, when you were so sure of yourself. After all your friend didn’t tell you their honest opinion. I firmly believe that lying is unacceptable in our society.

Lying in unacceptable as it is morally wrong. For example, ”lying is stressful and hurts relationships,” says Brad Blanton, a psychotherapist in Washington, D.C. (3) If you lie or withhold information you aren’t being completely honest. You can
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For example, “it keeps you locked in the jail of your own mind,” says Brad Blanton. (5) You might have to remember the lies that you have told, which can be very stressful. If you say something differently, the other person will end up losing their trust in you. In addition, a lie harms every person individually. (Bok, 4) Not only does a lie harm the person who is being lied to but also the liar. Whenever someone lies they are destroying their dignity. When you lie it’s stressful and people lose trust in you, so it doesn’t make you a better person.

Some people may argue that we should be able to tell little white lies. For example, someone might be wearing something that doesn’t look good and asks another person for their opinion. That person will most likely say it looks nice so they wouldn’t hurt their feelings. This is understandable because you wouldn’t want that person to feel bad. However, if that person was you, you would probably wouldn’t like to go out in public and get weird looks from everyone just because that person wasn’t honest with you. Everyone should be truthful to prevent situations like

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