Nature Vs Nurture In Education

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Nature vs nurture is a big argument that still goes around a lot till this day and it is about whether it is true that children’s education is based on their parents actions and education on how they were when they were a child and a teenager. There are many remarks that will insult some people because they will say you are dumb just like how your mom was, or you are only smart because of your mom. This little argument can either be a good example or a bad thing that will affect people’s feelings, with me I look at it both ways. You have to realize that some students will hear either good or bad stories with their parents childhood and without realizing will follow their steps, but also children’s education and actions are sometimes based on their surroundings. I honestly think that certain kids are like their parents with by the way they talk because as their children are growing up they …show more content…
nurture, I think it is possible for the children to do certain things because that’s what their parents have done but it honestly depends on their surroundings. Their personality and education in school can change by the people they are hanging out with and what they see for themselves. For myself, my mother was a very good child/teenager when she was in school, she graduated and was the one to get along with everyone and tried her best to accomplish the goals she wanted in her life. My father on the other hand was a bad child/teenager, he did not graduate, he got expelled, he partied and got into fights constantly. For me, I have the ability to do both because I see how my mom is and I see how my dad is, I hear both of their stories. I am the type where I can do really good in school, I can be smart but my surroundings are exactly how my dad’s behavior was while he was in high school. If I were to cut out some people like I already have I know I can get my education and reputation in this town a lot better than it has been

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