Arguing Cause Essay

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Arguing Cause Essay In January 1993, Adolf Hitler became the chancellor of Germany and with this title came the harsh persecution and murder of 6,000,000 Jews and the destruction of 5,000 Jewish communities. These Jews were victims of Germany’s deliberate and systematic attempt to annihilate the entire Jewish population. In a time of economic hardship, after the loss of a large amount of territory in World War I, the Nazi party gained the advantage in the political system of Germany and used a vicious propaganda campaign against political opponents (Franklin). This government was soon consolidated and within a year of taking office, Hitler was in absolute control of Germany. With grassroots organization, a police infrastructure and …show more content…
It makes one question why there was no one person, no one country and no combined effort that put a stop to the events that were taking place. What makes a nation, a region of the world, turn to one man and believe what he has to say? What makes it okay to kill? What influences people to forget the beliefs that they were taught as a child and act on the beliefs of a leader? Questions such as these have been studied for years. Research on new religious movements, the thoughts of those partaking in cult activity and the patterns of human behavior have been studied and analyzed. What does this understanding bring? It could help bring peace to nations of war. It could prevent groups from forming and causing damage, like acts of ritual murder, mass suicide and terrorist acts. Could events like Jonestown, Waco and September 11th been avoided? The past can only be studied. We cannot go back and reverse the groups, the logic, the actions of these people but we can study what the cause was. If we can understand the logic, can we prevent it in the future? There are different factors that are present in every case, but what makes people do wrong when they come together as a group of people and what makes that logic seem reasonable? People want to have a meaningful life. People want to serve God or humanity. People want to be taken care of, to feel protected and secure. People want to find a home. Research has been conducted and concludes

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