Are There Benefits Of Video Games? Essay

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Are there benefits in video games?
In our modern technology-driven society children are spending more time playing video games than ever before. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the matter of whether this is harmful to a child 's development. Videogames are becoming increasingly popular and look as if they will be around for a very long time. Some people suggest that playing video games, even in moderation, can be detrimental to a child’s academic and social development, but I think a closer look at the possible benefits of gaming is in order.
New studies have emerged in recent years that may help alleviate some of the common concerns in stunting development and education impairment expressed by parents since video games entered the market in the 1970’s. New research, and even a few pilot programs in schools, show that some games may actually boost problem solving skills, improve literacy accomplishment, as well as potentially provide benefits for children with language disorders and autism.
Videogames provide a different method of creating motivation to comprehend information. When my daughter was in second grade, one of the main focuses in her english language arts curriculum was reading comprehension. We spent many weeks in what my husband and I liked to call the homework battles simply trying to motivate the desire to learn this new skill. Her teacher and I went through every method in her arsenal to help her understand the importance of reading…

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