Application Process For A Magnet Status Essay example

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Though the application process for a hospital to receive Magnet Status is often lengthy
(four to five years) and expensive (an estimated 2 million dollar investment) the benefits are immense. Achieving magnet status allows organizations to position themselves to attract and retain a higher level of nurses and physicians, thus providing better care to their community.
Magnet status begins well before it’s achieved, starting as a culture developed within the hospital between staff, managers and executives. Once this culture is implemented it begins to become a part of the organization. Core values are globally understood by all levels of employees and the mission is achieved in every aspect of their job. There is great statistical evidence that supports the clinical and social benefits of a magnet status facility.
Magnet status hospitals create internal change within a institution. producing stability from within the organization. Once magnet has been achieved, core value of the hospital are universally understood and implemented by all employees. It is a systems that starts from the beginning, where an organization hires and retains the right people so that micromanaging does not have to happen, everyone has a job and that is clear and concise. It is statistically proved that nursing shortage is reduced and turnover rates are low. This most likely has much to do with the stronger working relationships developed between team member; communication, respect, loyalty, and unity…

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