Application Of A College Application Essay

1224 Words Jul 28th, 2016 null Page
When submitting a college application, a student should consider submitting an essay in order to convince the office of undergraduate admissions why the student deserves to go to the college. When writing an admittance essay for UCF, you are to choose two out of the four topics. I chose an obstacle in the road that I have had to overcome and why did I chose to apply at UCF. The office of undergraduate admissions read thousands and thousands of essays per year. In writing my college admittance essay, was highly motivated to write about something that would catch their eye and convince them that UCF was the right school for me, since it was my number one choice.. In this situation my exigence for writing this paper was to be admitted to the university. The rhetor, which was myself played a key role in explaining what obstacle I overcame and go into detail on how I faced it. I had to focus and make sure my audience understood the point I was trying to make. I had to constantly be looking at my constraints and not go off topic and write too much. Exigence is a problem or need that can be addressed by communication (Grant- Davie 348). In this position my exigence for writing this essay is to let the office of undergraduate admissions why I should be accepted and be a part of the UCF community. I wanted to show them if I was capable of overcoming this obstacle. Another reason for writing the essay was to show them what my morals and values are. The essay was to show them a part…

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