Apple 's Code Of Conduct Essays

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Apple Inc. is known as the largest tech giant world over for its best quality products like iPhone, iPad, watch, Mac computer and smart TV, etc. Besides 115,000 employees in the US, its suppliers employ more than 1.6 million people in 20 countries. Apple has a set code of conduct to be followed by all its employees as well as suppliers. It helps to keep a balance in the decent workplace to avoid any discrimination based on race, color, ethnicity, age, nationality, sex, disability and membership in a particular group, union or political party, etc.

The purpose of this paper list specific changes with examples of each change that Apple has made to its Code of Conduct for the suppliers in recent years. Also, the research seeks to identify changes to the suppliers in such a way that they will understand Apple 's standards which are essential in maintaining the business relationship with Apple.

In 2014, Apple conducted audits at 633 facilities and found 85% compliance with its prevention of involuntary labor policy, 95% compliance with prevention of underage labor and 92% compliance with its working hours ' policy. Also, the overall compliance with labor and human rights policies was 81%. There were 12 active cases of underage labor and 24 facilities found to be discriminating if a woman was pregnant and 20 facilities were conducting the medical test as a pre-condition for employment.

Changes in Apple 's Supplier Code of Conduct

Apple releases…

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