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Apple products have become one of the most frequently used products of this nation, from the phones to the iPads and computers even the watches are being used universally. How has Apple become so successful, you may ask? , well some of the main reasons would be it simplicity, Loyalty of customers, having the ability to interchange its products, and their marketing techniques. Apple has flourished from the first Apple computer since April of 1976, and has maintained a steady growth rate throughout the years
Apple began in 1976 by the founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. These two eager gentlemen dispersed the two jobs of running a successful business between the two of them. Steve Wozniak essentially built the first Apple 1 and Apple 2 while
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The iPhone intertwines attributes of a camera, the iPod, Maps and many more other features into one single device. This Phone introduces the full touchscreen with one single home button. The device took up to almost 2 years to make, with the help of Steve Jobs and was introduce to the market in January of 2007. Despite some of the minor flaws the very first model iPhone had, including no GPS app, or the low quality camera or even the 3G data speed, Apple was dominating the market with the iPhone because of its diversity from the competition, From the stylus free keyboard and full touchscreen monitor the iPhone was put into a whole new category of phones. The phone could even be sync to iTunes using the same connection as the iPod, we call this Product innovation. Because to the high price of the iPhone , Jobs not only created the iPod touch , but he also lowered the price of the phone in order to increase the buyers of the new innovative apple products. By the very next year, Apple had stopped selling the first model of the iPhone and had introduced new updated versions. That is when the iPhone 3Gs was introduced, the “S” stands for “Speed”. The iPhone was now with over 4 carriers and was in the hands of almost every American. The iPhone 3Gs had many different features compared to the first model. It included a high quality camera with 3 megapixels, and a digital compass. …show more content…
This device triggered the growth in sales and made records within the company, the sales increased over 30% compared to a year earlier. Many people are concerned that Apple won’t see any growth with the iPhones this year, because this is the first time Apple introduced a larger-Screen. They refer to this as the Tick-Tock cycle. Apple introduced a new modeled iPhone in the “Tick” year , and the “Tock” year , which we are in now , is when the sales of the product doesn’t increase as much and is remaining at a more moderate level. This is why people are wondering if Apple will grow within the next couple of years. Although this thought may be running through a few analyst heads, Time Cook, which is Apples Chief Executive, explained that only 27% of loyal iPhone users upgraded to the newer modeled phone (iPhone6, 6s). While the rest of the buyers converted from the Android phone to the

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