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As the first of the World’s Most Innovative Companies (Business week, 2010) and the 17th of the Best Global Brands (Interbrand, 2010), Apple has succeeded in strategic leadership and innovation, which has drawn attention from the world recently. This essay focuses on some key issues of Apple’s innovation. It begins with analyzing the key features of Apple Inc by Porter’s five forces and Kay’s distinctive capabilities. Then, the evaluations of the CEO Steve Jobs as the strategic leader and explanations of Apple’s
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Apple is a multi-billion company and yet they have just fewer than 30 different products. This is because of Steve Jobs’ immense drive for focus on a specific and well-identified section of the consumer electronics market. This shows the stringent and perseverant character of Steve Jobs as he would have told “No” to many potential ideas related both to the products and in recruitment.

When Steve Jobs was fired from Apple in 1985 and came back in 1996, he implemented what we now believe as a CEO-centric model of strategic leadership that involves not just generation of ideas but also to hold the rudder of a massive ship that is Apple. Hence Steve Jobs will always be remembered as one of the most visionary, creative and high-impact leaders of his generation or any generation.

Strategic Innovation

Apple has successfully engaged in strategic innovation and has awarded the most innovative firm for triple years continuously. At the same time, it is the top one most admired firm in American (McGregor, 2008). Due to apple’s history, it belongs to

established company. Therefore, overcoming the inertia of success and making a change is a big challenge. Combing Palmer and Kaplan’s theory of seven dimensions of strategic innovation with apple’s experience, this paper analyzes strategic innovation in Apple.

In terms of Markides (1998), strategic innovation is basic principles build up new

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