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As a mutual fund manager, the decision to invest or not to invest in a company is one that entails thorough research of a company’s assets, business practices, and their way ahead. As a mutual fund investor, I want to invest in a businesses with high return on investments and businesses that need collateral but will not hinder my business. I will conduct a detailed analysis of their brand, stakeholders, customers, products, business ownership, and a SWOT analysis.
Background Information
Apple was founded by Steven Jobs, Stephen Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in 1976, they launched their first computer in 1977 in which they earned over $100 million by 1980. In 1984, Apple introduced the Macintosh, the first personal computer with a mouse,
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The implementation of iTunes, a proprietary digital media player application, used for playing and organizing digital music and video files (Wikipedia), which is also compatible with Windows, has enhanced their level of distribution to adults and children. According to datamonitor, Apple is currently the largest technology company in terms of market capitalization.
One of the most notable weaknesses was Steven Jobs resignation in August and his death in October. Job was considered the backbone of Apple and is hugely responsible for the success of the company over the past decade. Apple products are quite pricey compared to their competitors’ products, which may keep them from obtaining or retaining clientele. With the current state of our economy, many customers cannot afford to pay more for a product especially when there is a similar more affordable product available. Considering Apple does all of the designing of the hardware with their products, many apple products are not compatible with Microsoft. A huge example of this is the inability to use Microsoft office on many Apple products. Perhaps if Apple branched out and expanded their research and development, they could have more products that are interchangeably adaptable/compatible.
Apple has the opportunity to expand their iPhone to other retailers such as Sprint and T-Mobile rather than just limiting it to AT&T and Verizon. The iPhone has

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