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The AO World is a specialist in kitchen supplies via online retailers. In 2000, it was established by John Roberts (the current CEO) established the company as an Appliance Online. It sold kitchen applies on behalf of Iceland, Next, House of Fraser, B&Q, and Iceland. In 2013, the company was rebranded as
The mission and vision of is to be the highest growing brand online and it’s management department ensures that the finest price/value is to be presented to it’s customers and making improvement by its innovation and motivation.
Task 1:
LO 1 Understand the relationship between supply chain management (SCM) and organizational business objectives.

A.C 1.1. Explain the importance of effective supply change management
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A.C 2.2. Use information technology to create strategies to develop an organization’s relationship with its suppliers
Technologies of information played an important role in the management of real time and real time management is important for the supply chain. Companies leading in the effective use of technology information (TI) is a holistic approach to supply chain management. A variety of systems and strategies are developed to improve the information technology in the supply chain. Relationship management systems provider is the most common and successful information technology strategies.
The main objective of the management of the relationship of the suppliers of construction, provide business strategy is to avoid inconsistencies, risks, issues, and there are better control the journalist relationship management system. Most modern vendors, supplier relationship management systems are in compliance with the program “Global, which starts as a good relationship with suppliers of building strategies and respond to the expectations of its stakeholder’s contributions and benefits." Computer system just like ERP and P2P is designed to smooth and risk aversion on the part of the international communication in the supply chain, ERP system such as an aims to bring together the air pressure and the effective functioning of the system of resource
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c. participation in the integration should be evaluated in the 360-degree feedback to help evaluate the obstacles to coordination, the coordination of the tyoturvallisuustason process. It is important to obtain a commitment for a larger and participation which will improve performance. improve its process of supply chain management performance measurement key performance indicator, the best time for the participation of all parties involved in the many - and the top.

Supply chain is an vital way in business organization dealing with cross-cutting measures and simple activities such as production, obtaining, marketing, sales, , supply and activities of supply as well as support for the development of the role of the information technology. It is significant that all tasks and activities of the supply chain is bound to and connected to the high level of integration in order to have a good performance is based on the measurement of key performance indicators. It is necessary to improve the deployment of strategies of the information, the technology, which not only be sure also to build a relationship with long-term customer profitability. Supply chain must be designed more cost-effectively, requirements and operation

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