Antimicrobial Stewardship Theory In Nursing

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Dr. Sharon Van Sell and Ionnanis A. Kalofissudis have examined the complexity of nursing as a profession. As theorist, they discuss the integrity of nursing while nurses give holistic care to their patients. They examine the nurse as an individual and as professional (Van Sell and Kalofissudis, 2010). Nurses have become coordinators of care, healthcare coaches, and navigators of the healthcare system. With the national initiative to improve the access of quality care, nursing is a multidimensional system of patterns that influences multiple facets of individuals and organizations. It is constantly evolving to meet the needs of patients, healthcare systems, and society as a whole (DeNisco and Baker, 2016, p.16). As nurses work with multidisciplinary healthcare teams, they have become one of the patient’s greatest advocates. As a result of examining and analyzing the
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Each patient and their diagnosis are unique, therefore must be treated individually and holistically. The antimicrobial stewardship program is an effortless approach nurses can utilize to take action and be proactive with health concerns. Multidisciplinary medical teams must examine all of the intricate elements of a particular disease instead of simply prescribing a medication regime to treat the disease and its symptoms. The patient’s antibiotic regime needs to be individualized to meet their medical needs by involving multidisciplinary team to investigate the antibiotic being used, the organism being treated and the medical history of the patient (Core Elements of Hospital Antibiotic Stewardship Programs | Antibiotic Use | CDC, 2017). The reduction of antibiotic resistance organisms falls on the shoulders of the multidisciplinary ream. It is their responsibility to the client, hospital, and community to prevent antibiotic misuse and

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