Antibacterial Substance In Personal Care Products Case Study

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The use antibacterial substances in personal care products –( Against perspective) Antibacterial substances in personal care products
• Millions of people use antibacterial substances in their soap , believing it is essential in fighting germs.
• Researchers at the University of California concluded in three different studies that the tricolsaon and tricarbon in the antibacterial soap have possibility to affect the nervous sytem and sex hormones
• Antibacterial substances make profit of 1 billion in sales yearly. Tricarbon is usually an additive but tricolosan is found to make up 76% of all antibacterial soap
• Engineering and environment Professor Dan Chang , Phd states: "These compounds should be voluntarily removed by consumer product
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• Many researchers conclude that the antibacterial resistance in the human body due to the over uses of antibacterial substances in personal care products us become less truthful.
• Eliminating bacteria with antibacterial substances (cleansers) will prevent the need of antibiotics regularly
• Hospitals and clinics rely on the need of antibacterial substances to treat sick patients without harming them further
• “[T]hey have added benefit health-wise, to the healthy household. In cases of patients who are vulnerable to diseases like cancer patients, AIDS patients, elderly diabetics”(Steir,2006). Antibacterial substances are essential for those who are vulnerable to bacterial infections that can be fatal to them( AIDS patients, cancer patients etc)

Connections with evolution, biodiversity , genetics and internal systems
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Yes there remove 99.9% of germs on surfaces of skin and objects. But there is always a catch. Is society ready for the reality of this controversy that comes with hand sanitizers? We are going to give you an insider look on the debate on whether or not antibacterial substances are safe to use. I will be debating the against the use of antibacterial substances, while my partner Dr. Clarke will be debating the pro perspective of the use of antibacterial substances. Now Dr. Clarke will give you an insight on the controversy behind the use of antibacterial substances

Breana Intro:
For many years antibacterial substances such as Triclosan have been found in many of personal care products and household items. Triclosan is in many of our products because it helps kill fungi bacteria. For instance Triclosan is found in Colgate tooth paste and it is proven by the FDA that this toothpaste helps to fight against gingivitis.

Breana Argument 1:
In Triclosan there is an ENR enzyme that is used to kill the fungi and Bacteria this enzyme is not found in humans so that means Triclosan have no effect on the human

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