Antigone, By Sophocles, And Hektor, From The Iliad Essay

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In Sophocles’ tragedy Antigone, Antigone is a woman who fights for her right to bury her deceased brother, Polyneices, going against the king’s laws. Antigone proves herself to be a Homeric hero through her actions. In comparison with characters from the mind of Homer, who made many heroes in his works, Antigone is most like Achilleus and Hektor, from The Iliad. Achilleus in that she follows through in what she believes is right and isn 't afraid to speak up to authority, and Hektor in the way she is willing to die for her values and her family. One major difference she has with is the heroes is that Antigone is a woman and a strong existing prejudice against women made her impact much worse in the eyes of authority.
In battle, Antigone’s brother Polyneices, had died but was left to rot. As family, Antigone hoped to give him the proper burial she believes he deserves, but Antigone 's uncle, the King Creon has banned any burial of Polyneices, because he died a traitor. Any other woman in Ancient Greece would have been obedient and unwillingly complied to the rules given. But Antigone breaks the mold by defying King Creon’s rule, and undergoing extreme risk by putting herself out there to bury her brother. When caught and confronted Antigone asserted what she had done, “I say I did it and I don’t deny it” (Sophocles, Antigone, pg. 15). And afterwards told the King why she believed she was doing right, as it is the gods’ will: “…Nor did I think your orders were so…

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