Role Of The Gods In Antigone

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All of Fate in the Hands of the Gods Although The Oedipus Cycle may not be a trilogy, all three plays have one constant element: the constant involvement of the gods in each and every situation. Antigone, Oedipus Rex, and Oedipus at Colonus all have a constant factor in each play which is the role of the gods in each play. The gods control every aspect of life throughout the plays. Although they may not be physically visible, the gods have total control of the fate of an every member of the plays. In Antigone, the gods take on constant involvement and interaction with the humans. This direct involvement is seen when they decide the body of Polyneices should be buried. The gods then protect Antigone and help her to make sure their task is …show more content…
The beliefs and actions of the gods had a direct effect on the events of the main characters throughout Antigone. The gods come to life in the justice system because Antigone holds the divine laws more sacred than the laws of man. Antigone chooses to hold the laws of the gods over the laws of man. The gods choose to involve themselves when it comes to justice throughout Antigone. The first time the gods interfere with justice is when the gods decide to bury the body of Polyneices. Polyneices’ body was left to rot after charging the gates of Thebes and being defeated. King Creon ordered Polyneices’ body to rot and anyone who tried to bury him would be sentenced to death. With the help of the gods on her side, Antigone sneaks out into the night and buries her brother, Polyneices. No footprints are left beside Polyneices’ body when Antigone covers him with dust and the Sentry and friends go back to help Antigone bury Polyneices when a storm rages outside Thebes. The gods control the fate of Antigone and they directly involve themselves when they help Antigone bury Polyneices by covering her tracks and getting others to help. Antigone shows her loyalty to the gods when she chooses to go against the King Creon’s orders to not bury Polyneices. Antigone shows her loyalty the the gods and divine law by fulfilling their wishes of burying Polyneices and going against the man laws of King Creon. Although the gods may not be physically present throughout Antigone, they control almost every aspect of the play. The gods keep their idea of justice present throughout the play and they maintain these laws inside the minds of the people. In Antigone, the gods, although they may not be seen, play a direct role in the outcome of each situation through direct involvement and constant

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