Annotated Essay : Literacy Narrative

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Literacy Narrative The earliest memory I have of reading is with my grandmother at her house. When I was a toddler, she would read to me every time I spent the night with her. My favorite book for her to read to me was Three Little Kittens by Paul Galdone. I 'm not too sure why this was my favorite book, but my grandmother says that I "insisted on having it read to me" every single time I was with her. She would also read the Bible to me, which was quite confusing and complicated for a child to comprehend, but she explained the stories to me in a child-like format. Having these stories read to me when I was young sparked my interest in reading from a young age. I consider my grandmother one of my most beneficial literacy sponsors because without her, maybe I wouldn 't have had such an interest in reading and writing.
Learning to read was way harder than I had expected it to be. Of course it wasn 't rocket science or anything, but it seemed to come naturally to my family members and others who read to me. I understand now that it was because they had been doing it for years, but learning was definitely a struggle. Even though reading interests me and I love to do it, it has never been my best subject. I have a vivid memory from elementary school of being put in groups based on reading levels. I remember that I was put in a group with other students that weren 't very good at reading either. I think this specific memory is what motivated me to try harder and expand my…

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