Ann Oakle Essay

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The book Housewife, 1974, was written by the author Ann Oakley, the first British liberal feminist sociologist. A postgraduate student in the late nineteen sixties, Oakley embarked on a study of the attitudes and work satisfaction of British housewives towards housework at that time. It was the first leading study to consider housework as ‘domestic labour' as an employment. In her book Oakley refers ‘housewife’ to women’s unpaid work role in the home. She found that housework were not recognised sociologically and at that time all the issues were only focused on power, stratification, deviance and grand theory. Being a housewife and mum of two young children, Oakley asked herself the question as to why housework is not being
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The main aim of the research was to find out woman’s level of feeling satisfied or dissatisfied towards housework. Her participants were forty young married housewives from suburban London in 1971, from middle and working class family depending on their husband’s profession, with atleast one child under the age of five. Further, out of the forty wives, Oakley then picked four housewives to do her in-depth interviews with tape recording that lasted two long hours.
This book also traces the historical development of the housewife role in the pre-industrialisation and explores the deep influences of industrialisation on how they emerged plus examines the circumstances of women today (at her time) which illustrated with her case studies.
Personally this book was chosen to be reviewed, firstly because, of my mum. Till today, she is and always been a great role-model to me and her role of being a mother and a housewife has been greatly manifested into me. Having these roles, is the best thing ever happened to me and it is an honour and a privileged thing to do. But to maintain the same qualities as my mum did in her time, personally felt it is impossible, so hard, unfair and greatly dissatisfying at times. Secondly through her book, Ann Oakley has made me realise that being a housewife doing housework is not all traditionally a woman’s job and her findings tells me that the

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