Animal Testing Should Not Be Used For Testing Essay

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Animal Testing
Animals should not be used for testing or experimentation. Animals used in these tests are treated cruelly, go through painful and stressful experiments and are likely killed at the end of the experiment. There are a number of alternatives we can use that are cheaper, quicker and more accurate than testing on animals. Ninety-four percent of the tests occurring on animals are not relevant or accurate and do not prove that a product is safe for humans just because it worked on the animals. Animal testing is cruel, inhumane and painful. The AWA only covers five percent of the animals used in experiments, stating in the article Animal Testing 101 from PETA,“an animal is defined as any living or dead dog, cat, nonhuman primate mammal, guinea pig, hamster, rabbit, or other warm blooded animal. [This leaves] one hundred and fifteen million animals that are not classified by those standards for tests and experiments” (PETA). This allows companies free reign on what they experiment on, and fools the public into believing they are actually doing something to prevent it. Substances are tested on animals, most often causing pain and scars to the animal. Humane Society International states that, “Animals are used to test human health and safety of products, such as cosmetics, household cleaners, food additives, pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals” (HSI). Products that are going to be used on humans are being tested on animals, such as cosmetics that cause…

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