Animal Testing Should Not Be Safe For Human Use Essay examples

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Animal Testing Argument Essay
When women put on their makeup, they often do not realize that in most cases, the assurance of that product’s safety comes at the price of an animal’s life. Many big beauty or medical brands test on living animals to determined whether or not the products are considered to be safe for human use. Many people think it is necessary to test these potentially harmful substances on animals in order to assure product safety. However, recent research has shown that there are more cost effective and reliable alternative methods from pro-animal testing businesses to use to better ensure safety of both animals and humans. Many organizations, like PETA for example, have been working to educate society and put a stop to animal testing. Also joining the fight to end animal testing are organizations like ECVAM (European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods) to help produce new ways to assure the safety of medical and beauty products other than by testing on animals. One alternative method recently developed is using cell cultures to determine the toxicity of drugs and verify whether they are safe for use or not (“Alternatives To Animal Testing” 120). With the efforts from those like ECVAM to find alternative ways to test products, animal testing has began to decrease and continues to make a steady decline. Roman Koler, author of Science Engineering and Ethics, states, “In the year 2003 about 10 million vertebrate animals were used for…

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