Animal Testing Should Be Used For Testing Essay

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Animal Testing
“Ninety-two percent of experimental drugs that are safe and effective on animals fail in human clinical trials because they don’t work or are dangerous” (“Animal Experimentation Facts”). This statistic shows animal testing is too inaccurate to be used and animals are not the same as humans. Even though animals are much different than humans, there are people who think testing drugs on the animals the right thing. When a scientist is testing a new drug they will inject the animals; such as rats, fish, monkeys, etc.; with diseases they wouldn’t naturally get and then giving them the certain drug they are testing for. When scientists are testing new cosmetic products one of the things they would do is shave the skin and rub a substances into the skin to cause irritation/burning. Although many businesses think it is convenient to test new products on animals, human cells should be used for testing instead because using animals provides inaccurate results, it is harmful and cruel to the animals, and is wasteful of money and animals lives.
There have been many deaths and many illnesses because of the difference of animals and humans. People should be able to trust the drugs available to us, but they can’t. Too many statistics show how drugs that have previously been animal tested have gone onto the market and taken innocent people’s lives. All the person wanted was a new product or drug to help their certain illness. The effects the drugs have on animals does not…

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