Essay on Animal Testing Is Cruel And Inhumane

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Every year, approximately 26 millions animals are being used for commercial and scientific testing according to Many new developments are made due to animal testing, such as, medical treatments, diagnosing the toxicity of medications, and examining whether products are safe for human use. Although animal testings lead to many life saving treatments, it is considered inhumane and cruel to many because it often inflicts a great amount of pain and suffering on the living organism that is being tested. Also in recent years, many alternative methods for researching have been discovered and can replace the use of animals all together. Animal research has been around for many decades because of the advantages such as the discovery of many life-saving cures, animals are suitable subjects, also animals do not have rights , making them more accessible to experiment on. Animal testing is cruel and inhumane, it doesn 't necessarily catch dangerous side effects or real treatments for humans, and that animal experiments are more expensive to conduct compared to most alternatives, that is also some of the reason why animals testing can be a disadvantage Animal testing has been a way of research for many decades and has shown that it can make life easier for both humans and the animals that is being researched. One of the main ways that animal research has helped us, is in the discovery and advancements of many cures and treatments for dangerous…

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