Animal Testing And Animal Research Essay

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Animal testing has been around for centuries, it started out to be for curiosity reasons; people wanted to learn more about the internal construction of the body, and animals were convenient--more so than humans. The word animal testing and animal research are interchangeable, but both relate to the same meaning: the use of animals in scientific experiments. The range of animals that are being tested on vary from lab to lab, but rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, and rodents are some of the most commonly used ones. While there has been valuable results from animal testing, like the finding of milk pasteurization by Louis Pasteur. While he was one of the scientists who made the first major use with animal testing and his conclusions were beneficial, however, that was back in 1880, and a considerable amount of technology has advanced since then. Biomedical research in the past has benefited from animal testing, but now, in 2015, animal research is concluded to be cost ineffective, increasingly inaccurate, and most importantly, how inhumane animal testing really is.
The government spends countless amounts of money every year, that is a given, but many people are not aware of how much money is spent with regards to animal testing. On average, the government spends $14.5 billion on animal testing ("Feds Spend up to $14.5"). Michael Bastasch, reporter for The Daily Caller states: “$14.5 billion could provide a lot of tax relief for Americans. It could help pay down national debt or…

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