Is Animal Testing Good Or Bad

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Animal testing has been around since the 1800s started there has been nothing to show for it, the only thing animal testing has done is made millions of animal suffer through painful test for the small chance of finding their answer to the cure of something.. The only thing that animal testing has done is killed more animals with nothing to show for it. Animal testing is cruel and should be illegal from our society.
Some may argue that animal testing is a good thing to have because there are times that animal testing works, it is more true that it doesn’t work than actually work. Some evidence to prove this reason is that there are more animals dieing than living from animal testing, to be exact there are more than 100 million animals killed by
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There are no laws that protected lab animals which gives the scientist the power to do what they want to the animals, the things the sceincetist do to those animals are unmagineable for us as humans to think about, but these lab animals have to do that their whole life until they die on a test that probably won’t even work.
Thousands of animals are killed from animals testing. When animals are in captivity they aren’t treated with the right care that they need. Animal test gives animals great pain when being tested. Animals test is very cruel the reward is little to nothing but what you know will happen is animals will die. What’s so speical about use compared to animals were all living things and people need to respect that. Critics may argue that animal testing can have a positive effect, while it might be true that it can work but still the statistics show that there are more negative things on animal testing then positive things. How would you feel if your life was to get tested and suffer all your life for nothing that doesn’t mean anything to you. For those reasons I think that animal testing should be illegal, so let’s stand up for the animals and put an end to animal

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