Animal Testing Is Cruel And Inefficient Essay

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In the United States alone over one hundred million animals are poisoned, crippled, abused, and killed in laboratories each year. There is only one federal law prohibiting the inhumane treatment of laboratory animals and this law is null to ninety-five percent of the animals being tested. Whole-animal testing is antiquated, and progressive scientists have already developed thousands of more accurate laboratory tests that are cheaper, faster, and most importantly, don 't involve animals. The world doesn 't need another eyeliner, concealer, or mascara, especially when it is produced at the expense of innocent animals that are being brutally mistreated. No longer can humanity sit idly and bat blind eyes to this issue, for the experimentation of animals is cruel and inefficient.
The Animal Welfare Act states and ensures that animals should be treated in humane conditions. So, how are so many cosmetic and laboratory science companies testing these animals in horrific conditions and legally getting away with it? As stated before, only approximately five percent of animals are even covered by this federal law, and, the law is so weakly enforced that laboratories easily violate the act. Several of the policies enforce humane conditions like, “ the sedation of animals, shelter and ventilation, and sustenance for the animals” , but companies like L’Oréal, Estee Lauder, and Clorox blatantly disregard the rights of animals and treat the law as if it is a simply a suggestion. Robert…

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