Animal Testing Controversy Essay

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Animal Testing Controversy When shopping at a store, no one ever thinks when he or she buys makeup, cleaning products, deodorant or lotion, that it has potentially hurt an innocent animal. In fact, millions of animals die every year due to a chemical drug. Those animals harmed never got a chance to live a normal, animal life; instead, they were put into cages and locked up for years at a time. While animal testing can be used to ensure the safety of certain drugs for humans, potentially killing or harming the animal being tested deems this practice wrong because it is immoral to kill or injure an innocent animal. An animal being subjected to testing is not fair; that animal did nothing wrong to deserve to be treated as an …show more content…
You can 't choose when and what you eat, how you will spend your time, whether or not you will have a partner and children, or who that partner will be. You can 't even decide when the lights go on and off… This is life for an animal in a laboratory. It is deprivation, isolation, and misery.” In no way, shape, or form is it fair for an animal to be kept in a cage their entire life. Humans aren’t treated and put into cages for their life span, why should animals? Back to a point made in a previous paragraph, animals are living, breathing creatures on this earth too; they deserve reasonable living conditions while being put into these terrible situations. Although many people disagree in the act of animal testing, others are set in the fact that it’s beneficial to our society and movement in improving modern science. By testing on animals, it can find drugs and treatments to advance health and medicine for humans. In the article “Using Animals for Testing: Pros Versus Cons,” Murnaghan writes, “They see humans are superior to animal life and this belief thus justifies the use of animals in testing. While animal suffering should be minimized, they also cite that it is preferable for an animal to suffer as opposed to a human.” Researchers view animals as test subjects and conclude that humans are higher in the circle of life; therefore choosing animals for testing is the best choice for society. Those doing the experiments are not motivated by cruelty

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