Peta's Argument Against Animal Testing

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Animal testing has been around for many years and has lead to animal abuse every step of the way in American history. Many people have been for it and against this topic. An activist group started protesting in europe during the 1800s against animal testing. This movement helped the U.S. get involved and form animal protection and anti cruelty laws. A specific organization that has helped over the years and still exists today is called PETA. This international, non profitable charitable, organization works to fight for animals and have the voices of heard of those who cannot speak for themselves. They promoted healthy vegan diets and shopping cruelty free by informing people with alternatives to meat. PETA’s driving force to success was by …show more content…
PETA has been effective because more people have become more aware of this today than ever before. They have spread out information everywhere they can about the harms individuals are doing to animals and ways you can help stop their suffering. PETA has a great informative online website where you can learn all about the history, painful experiments and ways people can help animals suffering all alone. With all their information about the behind the scene with animal cruelty they have gained more supporters for their charitable organization. To stop people from eating, wearing, experimenting on, using for entertainment, or abusing animals PETA works through public education to inform new people about the conditions animals have to live in. They also work through cruelty investigations, research, animal rescue, celebrity involvement, and protest campaigns. According to the article “Ingrid Newkirk 's Biography”, this organization has accomplished many firsts and stopped many other things to help animals. Some smaller successes PETA completed was cancel funding, closed facilities, and convinced many designers and companies to stop selling fur. They have also ended car crush testing on animals, educated millions of people about vegetarianism, and helped schools stop dissection of animals (“Ingrid Newkirk’s Biography”). People are finally beginning to realize what has always been happening all these years with the unethical treatment of animals. Individuals think animal testing is right and the best way to test new medicines and other new products. People do not stop to think about why it might be wrong to test on animals and how it puts innocent lives in danger. There has been problems with animal testing in the past because humans do not react the same as animals to a product. A product can be perfectly fine on an animal but then have a violently effect such as heads to

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